The Unique Taste of Iraqi Food



The guests of Babylon restaurant are welcome to enjoy the best of Iraqi cuisine right in the center of Yerevan. We will help you discover where this food comes from and what it tastes like.


The Ancient Culture of Culinary Arts


Iraq is an heir of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. Renowned for its green and fertile soils, Mesopotamia was often called the Heaven on Earth. So people did their duty of mastering in heavenly culinary arts. Iraqi cuisine keeps developing and evolving, but without forgetting the rich heritage of Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian ancestors. The most ancient cookbooks were found in this area. Just imagine trying the food that people used to cook for ancient festivals in marvelous Mesopotamian temples. Not the aged food, of course, just delicious fresh food from the same old recipes. 🙂 You’re welcome to enjoy it right in Yerevan, at Babylon restaurant.


Some Iraqi dishes have a lot in common with other Arabic ones, yet they have their typical “accent”. You may also find similarities with some Armenian dishes, but here at Babylon restaurant, you will notice that Iraqi food is richer with herbs and spices. For example, our taboule salad is greener, whereas Armenian chefs prefer it with less parsley and more crushed wheat.


The Variety of Natural Ingredients


Surrounded by deserted lands, Iraqi people have always appreciated the green. Therefore, you can hardly have a meal that doesn’t contain a lot of herbs, pulses, and vegetables.


Every meal starts with a wide choice of aperitifs called nouveaux site de rencontre gratuit meze. Meze includes salads along with hot and cold aperitifs made of chickpeas, beans, tomatoes, eggplants, fresh meat, and many other nutritious ingredients. These appetizers, just like all Mesopotamian courses, are always well seasoned before serving. Our chefs at Babylon restaurant share the love for Udon Thani spices. They use “ 7 Bahar“, a mixture of 7 different spices, which makes each of our dishes exclusive. Another important ingredient of Iraqi food is the olive oil: one can never speak of an Arabic cuisine without mentioning this oil. It has countless health benefits and is probably the tastiest of natural oils.


Must-Try Dishes


Iraqi people never go without fresh, low-fat meat, balancing it with the green. They use lamb, beef, chicken, and fish for a variety of original grills, hot dishes, and appetizers. The variety of rices and broth is another inseparable part of a traditional Iraqi meal. Babylon restaurant offers 3 different types of rice dishes and 4 types of broth. And of course, you can choose from many other dishes containing well-seasoned rices.


If you want to choose a very typical Iraqi main dish, pay attention to qouzi. It is a lamb shank on the bone with an unmistakable scent, served with rice and two types of broth. As you add the broth to the rice, it gets softer and tastier, completing the lamb.


You should also try bryani, one of the most filling dishes. Originated in India, bryani has spread to many countries during the world wars. After almost a century of wide use in Iraq, it has now become an inseparable part of Iraqi cuisine.


And the most remarkable dish we serve is probably masgouf fish. The fish is grilled on a “fire altar” in a manner that burns off all the fat and makes the fish crispy. Our skillful chefs prepare the fish in the open kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to watch this process as you dine pleasantly at Babylon restaurant.


As an Iraqi restaurant, we also offer a wide choice of grills and kebabs. We marinate and grill them all in different ways to get a unique rich taste for each.


This was just an introduction to a small part of the rich Mesopotamian cuisine. You can find many more options for your tasty meal and discover the treasures of Mesopotamia step by step at Babylon restaurant.