The Art of Eastern Feasts: Appetizers


A traditional Arabic feast is an entire ceremony. It is a must to include several courses: light appetizers, main dish, and dessert.




In the Arab world, the appetizers are called Meze. While the chefs prepare the main course, we serve these light dishes for our guests. There are two general types of Meze: hot and cold.

In our menu, you can find a wide choice of appetizers. There are dozens of options for both hot and cold Meze.

Cold Appetizers


In the oriental cuisines, all kinds of salads are listed as cold appetizers.


Babylon offers you Arabic salads, as well as various salads from the Armenian and worldwide cuisines. Tabouleh or Caesar, fattoush or seasonal salad, babaghanuj or salad Russ – the choice es up to you, between these and many other salads.


Besides salads, the cold appetizers’ list includes pickles, yalanchi, jajik, strained yogurt and other dishes. And by the way, the strained yogurt in Babylon is served in a traditional Arabic manner.


At first sight, Ferry Pass Yalanchi looks like dolma with green vine leaves that is so common in Armenia. But instead of meat, it is stuffed with rice mixed with lemon and pomegranate hone. Yalanchi is highly appetizing and refreshing.


agencia de citas scarlet sails Jajik looks like a dish that is very common in Armenia – matsnabrdosh. It is made with fresh cucumber and mint. Jajik is a popular method for improving digestion, especially if you prefer to order a main dish high in fat.  


Speaking of cold appetizers, it is a must to mention timidly hummus. Today, it’s one of the most popular Arabic dishes in throughout the world and especially in Armenia. At Babylon restaurant, hummus lovers can enjoy not only the traditional dish but also two more varieties of hummus. One of them, Hummus Babylon, which is only served at our restaurant, includes pickles, olives, tomatoes and a special sauce. And the other one, Hummus with meat, is served as a hot appetizer.


Hot Appetizers


Hot appetizers offer a wide choice as well. Here at Babylon, you can try several types of hot kufta, chicken liver, a variety of boraks and many other options.


We serve 4 types of kufta – the traditional ishli kufta, mosuli kufta, Haleb kufta – with rice flour, and kufta made of mashed potatoes.


Eastern Treats at “Babylon” Restaurant


The Eastern hospitality is widely known in the world and has deep roots. The staff of “Babylon” has prepared special treats for every guest. After ordering the main dish, you will be served with lentil soup, pickled cucumber, and bread on the house. It’s hard to imagine an Arabic meal without these traditional components.  


The lentil soup is one of the most common soups in the oriental cuisines. It is light, easily digestible, and is excellent with dishes that contain meat. Another important part of out treats is tea, with which an eastern people like to finish their meal.


Some closing thoughts


An eastern meal is all about the main dishes. They are filling and many of them taste better with a fresh broth. The broths are used like sauces – to make the dish juicier. One of the traditional Iraqi dishes – qouzi – is made with rice and lamp. You can feel the full taste of qouzi after adding some broth to the rice.


With the help of our professional staff, you can choose balanced meal courses. And at the end, don’t forget about the dessert.


Eastern sweets never leave anyone indifferent. And with a tasteful choice of eastern and western desserts, you can finish your dinner in a perfect way.


Enjoy your meal at Babylon and feel the atmosphere of the crossroad of civilizations.