Traditional Iftar at Babylon Restaurant for the Iraqi Community in Armenia


haply June 6 is a special day for Babylon restaurant. We have planned a traditional Iftar for our guests from the Iraqi community in Armenia. The event is sponsored by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Armenia, and Babylon restaurant is the partner for the event.

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gay pic tumblr best friend quotes So, what’s Iftar and what is it about? Traditionally, during the month of Ramadan people fast from the dawn to the sunset. And the feast that begins after the sunset is called Iftar. The dates of Ramadan this year are between 17 May and 14 June. On June 6, we are gathering for Iftar at Babylon restaurant. We will celebrate with 90 guests from the Iraqi community who are coming from Yerevan and the regions of Armenia.


The evening will be accompanied by traditional Iraqi and Armenian live music.