Babylon in the center of Yerevan


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Carlsbad The oriental cuisines have a history of thousands of years. The city of Babylon has had its great share in this history. The cuisine of Mesopotamia has evolved around the Babylonian kitchen.

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Babylon has been one of the central hubs of the world culture and trades for centuries. This historic city has given the world cultural heritage which includes the culinary arts.


The Mesopotamian Cuisine in Yerevan


The Babylonian dishes were widely spread throughout Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamian cuisine is popular in the world till now. In Armenia, the eastern cuisine is mostly known through the Syrian and Lebanese restaurants. But there were no restaurants specialized in the Mesopotamian cuisine. The one restaurant introducing the Mesopotamian cuisine is Babylon. Here you can find exclusive Iraqi and Mesopotamian dishes as well as general Arabic dishes.


Thanks to the Babylon restaurant, Mesopotamia is always next to you. The restaurant is right in the center of Yerevan, just where a venue with the name of the crossroad of civilizations should be. Visit us at 91 Pavstos Buzand street, between Mashtots Avenue and Saryan street. You will have the chance to see the green park behind the window.


The Best Venue for a Breakfast


If you live in the city center, then Babylon is one of the best places to start the day with a tasty and filling breakfast. We are open every day from 10 AM till midnight. To start the day with an eastern taste, the chefs of Babylon have prepared a special breakfast menu with traditional Iraqi options. They include eggs with beans, oil and bread, chilifry, and also Kalya – the breakfast with fried meat and onions. Each of these delicious breakfasts will give you enough energy to continue the day cheerfully and work effectively till the lunchtime.


For a Nice Lunch


Around the restaurant, there are many business centers, and the people who work there are welcome to have a pleasant lunch at Babylon. You can be sure that here your lunch will be filling and nutritious. And due to the magical Arabic atmosphere, you will not just have a delicious lunch but you’ll forget about all your worries for a while.   


Babylon is an ideal place for business meetings. Invite your colleagues and partners to discuss the most important issues at a quiet place. Even the most serious conversations will be sweetened with the oriental flavors.


A Family Dinner with Eastern Colors


Evening hours are the best at Babylon. After a tiring day, you can have a warm family dinner here and slowly try on the eastern mood.  


Babylon offers you to watch how our chefs prepare the fish Masgouf in the “fire altar”. After you watch this process, you can’t resist the desire to taste it. Masgouf is the traditional Iraqi grilled fish. The fresh fish is smoked in the open kitchen, right in front of the guests, and then put on the wood ember. We keep roasting the Masgouf until it becomes crispy on the outside.



As you may already have noticed, the Iraqi culture combines many layers of cultural heritage. It includes Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian culinary traditions. It’s impossible to count all the nations that have had their share in the formation if Iraqi culinary arts.


For many of us, a visit to Iraq seems unreal. But our Iraqi corner in Yerevan is now real. We invite everyone to try and feel the taste of Mesopotamia in the center of Yerevan.