Babylon – A City of Legends

14/6/2018 The restaurant Babylon represents a part of the Iraqi culture in Yerevan. Along with offering the best traditional food, the restaurant creates the perfect atmosphere for those who want to visit Babylon, the ancient city of legends.

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Fuzhou During the many centuries of its existence, the kingdom of Babylon was considered as a crossroad of civilizations. This glorious ancient kingdom has given the world numerous stories, legends, and fairytales. One of those legends is about the tower of Babel. Every person has at least once heard about this tower which people had built to reach the Heavens. This means that Babylon was so magnificent that everyone would easily believe it to be the closest place to the Heaven. Opening a place with such a pretentious name commits us to create a properly decorated interior. So for a few hours, we want our guests to feel like they are visiting a legendary venue.


Besides the tower of Babel, there are many other stories about Babylon that Armenian people hear ever since childhood. They learn about the marvelous hanging gardens of Babylon; they know many stories of Semiramis, the cunning Babylonian queen. These and many other stories make us all wonder what a place called Babylon would look and feel like.


Through the ages, many cultures have flourished in the land where the ancient city of Babylon stood. Today, the Arabic culture is mostly spread over these lands. Iraq has inherited a great deal from the Babylonian civilization. And the Iraqi people now enjoy the great influence of Babylonian heritage in their culture.


The Perfect Mood with Arabic Design


Thinking of how an Iraqi restaurant should look, one can’t help but think of traditional Arabic decor in the first place. This means everything that creates a dreamy Eastern atmosphere: a lot of space, soft colors, and lacy ornaments. And what are the most recognizable elements and symbols in Arabic visual arts? Perhaps, an eight-pointed star is one of those widest-used elements. When you enter the restaurant Babylon, this symbol is one of the first things to catch your eye. All around the walls and the ceiling you can see the ornaments with these eight-pointed stars. They will take you to the tales of One Hundred and One Night, making your time at the restaurant more enjoyable.


Walking through Babylon restaurant, you will pass through the typical Arabic pointed arches. The high ceiling of the hall, along with the arches and eastern ornaments, make the interior look and feel majestic. Sitting here, you can enjoy the air and free space, yet it is far from minimalistic. Through the big glass windows, you can watch people walking outside and enjoy the bright daylight.


After twilight, the interior of Babylon changes as the daylight is gone and the soft evening lights are on. With just one slight change, the place becomes mysterious as though thousands of invisible candles shine somewhere behind. This is when you get the feeling that nothing in the world can disturb your pleasant rest.


Babylon is a perfect place to sit quietly with family, have a delicious dinner, telling each other how the day has passed. With the smooth sounds of oriental music in the background, you just forget about time and want to stay a little bit longer.